innovative and immersive digital learning platform

HABILIS Digital learning platform is a complete cloud-build system capable of innovate your way of training.


Through the use of virtual simulation and a web-based report system, the advisor and trainee can train and exchange data on their performance in a fast, effective and simple way.


You can try the power of this platform for free with demo experiences.

New ways to training

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your custom simulation library

On HABILIS you will have your custom simulation library full of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or desktop training simulations.


Not an IT expert? Do not worry, HABILIS will handle all the difficulties of downloading, installing and updating a simulation, in this way every advisor or trainee do not have to think about the technical difficulties but only to give their best during the simulation.


All the simulation can be assigned only to some users or groups, in this way an advisor can decide which trainees have to train on a simulation in order to improve certain skills.

user, groups and reports

In HABILIS you have various users and different user roles: the Admin which is the one who create advisors, trainees and groups, the advisor who can create trainees, manage groups and see all their reports and, last but not last, the trainee who can train and check his reports.


Managing users, groups and check all the reports is very easy using the cloud-build HABILIS Web Platform.

no more limits to training

Thanks to the virtual approach, with HABILIS both advisors and trainees can train and evaluate data whenever and wherever they want to.


The trainee, with the use of a simple PC or also a Tablet, can download the simulation and use it with Virtual Reality headset or simply on desktop with mouse and keyboard.


This would lead to a new way of studying and learning for the trainees, because they will not have to wait for a single day to perform real-life training but they can wait for that moment sure they can learn more with HABILIS.

have more questions?

contact us

Feel free to contact us and ask whatever you need in order to better understand HABILIS and its endless possibilities. 


Also if you need a custom simulation, both in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality o simply desktop, we can develop what you need.