HABILIS Digital learning platform is a complete cloud-build system capable of innovate your way of training. Through the use of virtual simulation and a web-based report system, the advisor and trainee can train and exchange data on their performance in a fast, effective and simple way.

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Your custom simulation library

On HABILIS you will have your custom simulation library full of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and desktop training simulations.



Engaging Rescuers with Virtual Reality

Transforming the M.E.T.H.A.N.E. algorithm from verbal transmission into tangible VR actions. This new approach helps rescuers memorize the algorithm more efficiently, associating VR actions with each step of the procedure.

To carry out M.E.T.H.A.N.E. training, we need big locations, lots of resources and a lot of imagination from the rescuers, requiring months of preparation. M.E.T.H.A.N.E. VR Training was born to solve this problem.


Limitless opportunities - No more limits to your training

Through HABILIS' virtual platform, both advisors and trainees can access, train, and assess data anytime and anywhere.

  • User, groups and reports. In HABILIS you have various users and different user roles: the Admin which is the one who create advisors, trainees and groups, the advisor who can creates trainees, manages groups and sees all their reports and, last but not least, the trainee who can train and check his reports.
  • Webapp. Managing users, groups and check all the reports is very easy using the cloud-build HABILIS Web Platform.
  • Ease of use. Using just a PC and a VR Headset, the trainee can download the simulation and experience it.
  • Time efficient. A revolutionary approach to studying and learning for trainees. Instead of waiting for a specific day to engage in real-life training, enhance the learning experience anytime with HABILIS.

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